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Marketing and Strategic Consultancy Services

Is your marketing working?

Are you tired of flushing out all of your marketing tactics and not getting the results you truly deserve in return?
Aren’t we glad to see you stumble across this section of our web! You my friend, need a digital marketing consultant. Whether you are in need of someone with tons of digital experience, or one with a keen business mind that you could use to help grow your project or business; 9Yrads media and marketing got you covered!

Marketing & PR

Want to know what your audience think of your brand?

Wondering why other companies do less and gain more from their brand presence in the market? Well here at 9Yardswe’ve conducted a recipe for EXACTLY just that! We welcome the challenges you face and serve an open feast of beautifully set out solutions to complex problems. Whatever your business is, we pour our heart and passion into it, we use the right channels and methods to reach the right clients at the right time.


PR Communications

Sharing the right information, at the right place, to the right people!

People don’t just buy goods and services anymore; they buy relations, stories, and magic! In 9Yards media and marketing, we tell stories, and visualize incredible break through! Our up-to-par publicrelation strategies will help protect, enhance, and frame your business.
9Yards top PR professionals will treasure your messages, analyze, and translate them into positive stories.

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Branding is our middle name!

Have you been wondering how branding can result in a game-changing corporate world? At 9Yards, we breathe life into your brand, taking it to the next level. We build and activate brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and use the power of emotion across every element of its expression to draw the road-map towards your ideal brand that will put a spell on the minds of your targeted customers.

Personal brand

Personal Branding Services

Success personal branding!

Are you ready to make the conscious decision of wanting to influence others? 9Yards,Media & Marketing holds the secret recipe to your successful personal branding requirements. Whether you are looking to uncover your professional purpose that you are yet to figure out yourself, or grow your network where it matters to attract new opportunities; even if you want to use personal branding to help increase sales across the Dubai and Abu Dhabi… we won’t judge!.



Attract your audience while they’re in the mood!

How many ads do you skip each day? Tens of thousands, maybe? At 9Yards, we dig deep into mixing and matching all ideas to customize your ad, we set our heads together to tailor an out of the box niche that would fit your targeted audience! Mi casa es su casa, get in touch with us to know more.


Social Media Management

Want to know how to make your audience listen?

Getting likes and mentions are cool and all, but social is more than just that, it’s about building a relationships, content and values! The common error we found in our study is that companies tend to seek fake followers, which affects the brands reputation. What we do is to ensure that you have genuine, interested followers who engage and buy your brand. Let us get social together – we promise you will like the results!

Verification service

Verification Services

Want to know how to get Verification of your Accounts?

Now, there is ONE thing you need to take into consideration before proceeding with the best media and
marketing agency in the UAE…Yes, we just claimed that sentence!
Our promise to you is NOT that we guarantee your verification with us; however, we promise to give it all we got to make it happen for you through our connections and strategic approaches. We have a backtrack of verifying brands, so we know the dealio here!


Website Development

You need it, we build it!

Outsmart, outflank, and outrank your competitors! No site is too small or too large for our geeks. We create digital experiences for brands and companies by using creativity & technology. 9Yards enthusiasts will create the style and tone that will give your site its new born personality. We also create web applications in accordance to your needs such as internal management system, electronic / online shops, and online web platforms. Let 9Yards deal with the technical stuff, and you focus on business.

SEO Services

SEO Services

Are you on the first page of Google yet?

So, you are finally convinced that SEO really works, and you are ready to take your brand to the next level, right? let 9Yards Media and Marketing take you in on a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO) secret that other companies have tried to keep hidden from you…. Google is constantly changing its algorithm! Unfortunately, they do not always announce when a change is being made; therefore, it remains a bit of a mystery to most.

loyalty service

Loyalty Program Services

Looking for a loyalty program that works?

Our loyalty program helps you retain new and existing customers; being 15 years within the loyalty program industry, it is safe to say that we are the best at what we do here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. See, your program is meant to entice your shoppers in order for them to come back! That is EXACTLY where 9Yards loyalty experts come in. Our team simply consists of the right people for the right job.

sponsorship service

Sponsorship Services

Need a sponsor? We got you covered!

Attracting sponsors is essential to funding your activities as well as getting the right processes in place to generate the value that your sponsors need. 9Yards experts will help cover the whole nine yards for you! From obtaining to negotiating and collaborating with you to build a good balance between your event and the marketing goals of your sponsors.


Hospitality & Loyalty Programs

How loyal are your customers to your brand?

Retaining a customer is 5 times cheaper than getting a new one. We remind your audience with the perks that they can receive from you and cement your relationship with them by giving your audience the freedom to explore opportunities together. It is the most convenient and ubiquitous way of brand awareness.


AL Salam Services 

New Service is coming?

Retaining a customer is 5 times cheaper than getting a new one. We remind your audience with the perks that they can receive from you and cement your relationship with them by giving your audience the freedom to explore opportunities together. It is the most convenient and ubiquitous way of brand awareness.

9Yards Media and Marketing
9Yards Media and Marketing